Miss Ellen – music was who she was

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Ellen Welters Sanchez    “…. music was who she was” “Miss Ellen”, as many of her piano students called her, was born on Smith Lane (now Appelrouth Lane) in 1902. She was so tiny and frail her mothered feared for her survival. Her father, Frank Welters, was the band leader of the Welters Coronet Band, a […]

Lady Vocalists of Key West

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Larry Smith The Lady Vocalists of Key West Concert March 6th  at the Key West Theater About twenty-five years ago, Max Bozetti, manager of the Pier House Wine Galley, recruited Larry to bring his Jazz Jam to the Wine Galley which was a small intimate room. Larry’s grand piano was surrounded by music lovers, and […]

his heart is in Nashville but his soul is in Key West

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James Slater    his heart is in Nashville but his soul is in Key West Born in Durham, North Carolina while his father Vic Slater worked at Duke University. He was a psychiatrist from Michigan with a passion for the mandolin and sailing the ocean. He met James mother Alicia in Galveston, Texas while at the […]

Music really lives here

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Tim Mayer “Music really lives here” Tim Mayer was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, grew up near Portland, Oregon, and finished high school in San Luis Obispo, California. He learned music in elementary school and joined the school band. Mayer originally played the clarinet but at age 10, he switched to the saxophone. He […]

We love what we do

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Nick Norman               “We love what we do” While growing up in Columbia, South Carolina, Nick Norman attended a Southern Baptist Church summer camp and later, when older, became a camp counselor. Along with good friend Lee Brice, Nick started playing music and was immediately hooked. In 2004, Nick was attracted to the musical energy of […]

FREE Calendar

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FREE WITH A BOOK PURCHASE 2024 Soul of Key West Calendar   NOW FREE WITH A BOOK PURCHASE Enjoy A Year of Key West Musicians FREE Order any Soul of Key West or Soul of Havana Order HERE and receive a FREE 2024 Soul of Key West Calendar WHILE SUPPLIES LAST         […]

That’s Doctor Cabbie

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Harry Schroeder – “Doctor Cabbie” Harry Schroeder was born in New York City. At the age 7, he took piano lessons and did his best to ignore them. Schroeder heard Louis Armstrong for the first time when he was fourteen years old. He discovered music again. He started playing trumpet in the high school band […]

Lightning in a bottle

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Anthony “Tony Baltimore” Durante and his lightning in a bottle Tony Baltimore loves music, songwriting, and poetry. He asked his wife to tell him when he starts to lose his touch. When people aren’t coming to his shows or listening to his music, he would rather hear that from her instead of a reviewer. He […]

Music Is For Everyone

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Gary Hernandez   “Music is for everyone.” Gary Hernandez is a “true Conch”, born and raised in Key West, FL. He began studying piano while in Horace O’Bryan Middle School and continued his music education through high school, playing various instruments. While in high school, Gary played the trombone with Joe Dallas and the Paradise Big […]

If Only That Bass Could Talk

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Jeff Dalton –  if only that bass could talk Jeff Dalton, the youngest of four brothers who are all bass players, was born and raised on Long Island, New York. His father, Big Al Dalton, was a music teacher and leader of the Dalton Family Band. At fourteen, he attended the Interlochen Arts Academy, a […]

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