If Only That Bass Could Talk

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Jeff Dalton –  if only that bass could talk Jeff Dalton, the youngest of four brothers who are all bass players, was born and raised on Long Island, New York. His father, Big Al Dalton, was a music teacher and leader of the Dalton Family Band. At fourteen, he attended the Interlochen Arts Academy, a […]

“Once you become a drummer, the beat will be inside of you.”

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Richard “Richie” Ciavolino     “Once you become a drummer, the beat will be inside of you.” Richie Ciavolino was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1960. His father Bob “Chevy” Ciavolino was a drummer in Italian street bands in New York and had a great singing voice. The elder Ciavolino performed and booked acts for the Italian […]

A Good Natured Hippie

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Bill Huckel   “A good natured hippie” In the 60s Counter Culture Era, the Navy was closing the submarine base and Key West was becoming a haven for the Hippie movement. Bill Huckel was one of the first to arrive and became very entrepreneurial and successful. He was part of the local environmental supporters with a […]

The Changing of the Guard

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“Changing of the Guard” The changing of the guard in any music scene is a natural progression and happens often through the generations. Younger musicians learn entertaining and music skills from older musicians. Likewise, the older musicians learned these skills, when they were young, from the previous generation. In Key West, this change has been […]

FREE 2024 Soul of Key West Calendar

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FREE WITH A BOOK PURCHASE 2024 Soul of Key West Calendar   NOW FREE WITH A BOOK PURCHASE Enjoy A Year of Key West Musicians FREE Order any Soul of Key West or Soul of Havana and receive a FREE 2024 Soul of Key West Calendar WHILE SUPPLIES LAST         Enjoy Our […]

Fifty Years of Dave Wegman

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Fifty Years of Dave Wegman David Wegman hails from Fort Wayne, Indiana. He never attended any music or art school but taught himself to play music and had a wonderful uncle who showed him how to mix colors in oil. In the 60s, Wegman built and raced A/Gas dragster. He raced all over the East […]

Soul of Key West, Volume III

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BOOK RELEASE PARTY: THE SOUL OF KEY WEST, VOLUME III Eight years after the now famous release of The Soul of Key West, Volume II, it’s time to release Volume III. January 13, 2024 at the Studios of Key West, a 15 piece band of our local Key West musical treasures will entertain. It will […]

Henry Lysy stepped it up

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Henry Lysy – he knew immediately he had to step up his game Henry Lysy grew up in the suburbs outside of Baltimore, Maryland. His grandfather immigrated from Ukraine. His father, who was his greatest musical influence, grew up in Rhode Island and his mother Susan was from a large Italian New York family. They […]

Its no longer about chops and speed

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Skipper Kripitz. – has developed his own music identity Samuel David Kripitz, lovingly known as Skipper, grew up in pre-casino Atlantic City, New Jersey during the 50’s and 60’s. His sister was a jazz groupie and inundated him with Billy Holiday, Carmen McRae, Sarah Vaughn, Count Basie, Miles Davis, et al. Located just 50 miles […]

Key West is like Trinidad without the mountains

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George Victory    “Key West is like Trinidad without the mountains” Born in 1950, George Victory grew up in Five Rivers, a small village near Arouca in Trinidad.  He said there was only one river but you had to cross it five times as it snaked its way down Arouca. One of George’s teachers recognized his […]

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