Yvan played guitar with an infectious joy

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Yvan Agbo played with an infectious joy Yves (Yvan) Marie Claude Agbo was born in Dakar, Senegal, West Africa on July 6, 1967. He was the youngest of six – 5 boys and 1 girl.  Yvan’s father played guitar when he was young. Everyone in the family followed in his footsteps and learned to play […]

Guitar Buddies – a special gift

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Guitar Buddies – a special gift By Ralph De Palma     Three wonderful Key West guitarists had a unique bond through music – George Victory, Yvan Agbo, and Rolando Rojas. Although these accomplished musicians came from very different musical backgrounds, they were drawn together, sometimes for a special gig performance, a new music idea […]

Everyone Loves That Latin Beat


Rolando Rojas By Ralph De Palma Rolando’s original home is in Concepción, Chile.  He studied music, learning classical guitar in high school. Later, in a vineyard/wine-making region of Viña del Mar, he studied classical piano and harmonies. While in music school, Rolando stopped playing guitar and learned the piano. He loves both instruments but did not […]