Music is a Universal Language

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Sandra Lee – no language barrier here

Sandra Lee Resch (aka Sandra Lee) is originally from Germany, by way of Switzerland. She began playing music early in school, joined the choir and loved vocals. Her mother played guitar and sang along with Sandra and her two sisters while they were growing up. Sandra’s vocal teachers encouraged her and she began to write music and really enjoy performing. She plays piano, guitar, and tried drums briefly.

She began singing with a band at sixteen, married very young and had three children, Saskia, Angie, and Marvin the marriage ended after seven years. Later, she became associated with a guitarist who became a member of a touring group that opened for a famous German band called The Scorpions. They traveled often, moving to Switzerland in 2005, and played in several bands. According to Sandra, Switzerland has very amazing music and musicians. While in Switzerland, she met Steve Lee (no connection) who performed with Gotthard, one of her favorite Swiss bands. She said he had a voice like an angel but sadly, he was killed in a motorcycle accident.

While in Switzerland, she reconnected with German friend and guitarist Gerd Rube. They became music collaborators for over ten years. While they were together in Switzerland, her son Marvin passed away at age 23. Sandra, a very spiritual person, wrote a beautiful song for him called “We Will Meet Again”, and Gerd Rube recorded the song for her.

Sandra has always been attracted to musical artists from the U.S., especially the 80s and 90s music. One of her favorite bands is Journey and their song, “Don’t Stop Believing”. Meatloaf is another favorite, especially his song, “I’d Do Anything for Love”.

In 2021, Sandra and Gerd were married and moved to Key West. They started performing at Sloppy Joe’s. She also performed at Smokin’ Tuna and Hanks during Rokisland Fest in 2022. They were very impressed with the breath and width of the Key West music scene on this tiny island. They’ve recently separated, and Sandra is currently performing solo gigs at The Bull.

Key West is very small and extremely comfortable for Sandra. She enjoys making new friends in this small community. She loves entertaining and helping her audience enjoy their evening.

She also sells natural beauty products. Since moving to Key West and, after having difficulties with our local mosquito population, she has started to mix, produce, and market her own all natural “Mosquito and No-see-um Balm” (order at 786-644-9166).

Although Sandra speaks English very well, there are times when cultural differences can be a problem during normal conversation. While performing, she communicates with the audience with music and establishes a very strong connection. Music is a universal language and helps overcome many cultural barriers. There are times during a performance where a language or cultural difference can cause some confusion but Sandra lets the music takes over. When someone requests a song that she doesn’t know, she will do a quick search on her iPad and find a similar song or one from the same artist that she is familiar with. Sandra uses music to reach beyond the spoken language and cultural complexities and it is usually quite successful.

Sandra recently suffered a fall from a ladder, dislocating her shoulder and breaking a couple of bones in her arm. She amazed her new friends at the hospital with her smile and her laugh even while in agonizing pain. She is also amazingly still performing at the Bull without the ability to play guitar. She is surviving well, using her non-dominant left hand only, but very simple tasks have become challenging – “like cleaning your fingernails”.

During our discussion, I explained to Sandra that while in Italy during a summer vacation, I listened to hip-hop music in Italian on the radio. It seems completely different with the more rhythmic cadence of the Italian language. Sandra suggested I should hear hip-hop in Swiss – it’s completely different and very entertaining. Music is truly a universal translator.



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