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Soul of Key West

Volume 1, second edition

Now Available

An updated version of the original Soul of Key West, Volume I,
first released in 2013,
has arrived and currently shipping.

This was the first book ever written about our amazing Key West music scene. The Soul of Key West is a 104 page anthology of the Key West music scene, as told by the musicians. Their stories are the true description of the lives of professional musicians. The book includes 46 interviews, and over 200 hundred photographs, including six new updated photos.

Tom Luna and Will Thompson TV co-stars and MCs of the Key West Musician Festival love the Soul of Key West

I view the Key West music scene as a wonderful and complex tapestry.  The 200+ gorgeous photos without the musicians stories would have presented only a small part of that. There is a lot to learn about these Key West treasures. For example:


Bill Blue told of the night Elvis first appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show.

Larry Baeder tells the story of 100,000 people in a soccer stadium all singing along with the Temptations to “My Girl”.

Barry Cuda talks of his favorite gig at funky little BO’s Fish Wagon playing special tunes for his special audience.

Singer Songwriter Zack Seemiller loves the Soul of Key West

Lifelong Key Wester friends Robert Albury, Paulie Walterson, and Cliff Sawyer, all talk of their love of music and one another.

The Sauce Boss loves the Soul of Key West.

Melody Cooper whispered a secret during an interview “we will make music because we have to”.

Clayton Lopez talks of almost kicking Jimmy Buffet out of Ed Swifts Music store.

The magical entertainer Raven tells how the audience fills the void in her self esteem.

Musical notes are like the rain drops that nourish this island. Music has an effect on Key West that is magical and Key West has an effect on its music and musicians. This book tells that story.

Photographing musicians and performances is like photographing lightning on a dark summer night. No two musicians are alike, each performance is different, every song can be played differently.

It’s a little book about a small island, with great musicians and a huge sound. Music permeates Key West right down to the coral rock. Key West’s musical Soul is an outpost of humanity, One Human Family, in a sea of swirling, turbulent, incivility.  This book tells that story.



Mick Kilgos, Bill Blue, Caffeine Carl Wagoner, Francois Gehin love the Soul of Key West.


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