Happy 89th Birthday Willie Nelson

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TODAY IS THE 89th BIRTHDAY – of Willie Nelson. February 17, 2020 Willie Nelson packed the new Key West Coffee Butler Amphitheater with 4000 loving fans. It was the largest crowd ever for a Key West concert. It was a privilege to hear this legendary performer live. The seven time Grammy award Winner has scored […]

Rest In Peace “My Buddy”


Coffee Butler –  Rest In Peace “My Buddy” On Saturday, Feb 12, 2022, the community came together to show our love and to celebrate the life of the wonderful Lofton Ambrose Butler. During the writing of my first book, “The Soul of Key West”, about our local musicians, I kept hearing stories about Coffee Butler […]

Coffee Butler – a true Key West legend


Coffee Butler –  a true Key West legend The following words cannot do justice to the talent of this amazing human being. The City of Key West honored him by naming the new amphitheater, the Coffee Butler Amphitheater. The honor was well earned. Lofton Ambrose Butler was born in Bahama Village in 1928 into a […]

Becoming A Music Town


  In 2011 while sitting in the Smoking Tuna at the 2nd Annual Key West Musicians Festival – I began to realize there was something special happening in Key West. There were six musicians on stage entertaining, about ten more near the bar enjoying the performance, and another thirty musicians on the schedule. We were […]