A Good Natured Hippie

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Bill Huckel   “A good natured hippie” In the 60s Counter Culture Era, the Navy was closing the submarine base and Key West was becoming a haven for the Hippie movement. Bill Huckel was one of the first to arrive and became very entrepreneurial and successful. He was part of the local environmental supporters with a […]

the bass makes me want to dance

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Francois Gehin      “… the bass makes me want to dance.” Francois Gehin is from Paris, France. A part of his family was originally from an area in the mountains of Eastern France. Many of them played music, including grandfathers, uncles, and children. Whenever Francois would visit he wanted to join in and play music. They […]

The First Punk Rocker

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Lance Taylor    – Woody Guthrie Was the First Punk Rocker By Ralph De Palma Lance Taylor was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, in 1973.  His father was in the Navy so the family moved frequently. He started playing the trombone in the sixth grade. He received a partial scholarship as a pitcher to West Virginia Wesleyan […]