Paulie Walterson – Music is family

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Paulie Walterson    Music is family. Born in 1945, Paulie Walterson is a fifth-generation Key West Conch. His father worked for the Navy, and they lived in a house next to Harris Elementary School. His family originated in Spanish Wells, on the northern end of Eleuthera Island, in the Bahamas. His cousin, Armond Walterson, was married […]

Guitar Buddies – a special gift

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Guitar Buddies – a special gift By Ralph De Palma     Three wonderful Key West guitarists had a unique bond through music – George Victory, Yvan Agbo, and Rolando Rojas. Although these accomplished musicians came from very different musical backgrounds, they were drawn together, sometimes for a special gig performance, a new music idea […]

It’s not what you play – it’s what you don’t play


Alfonse Subarsky By Ralph De Palma As a twelve-year old growing up on the Jersey Shore, Alphonse Subarsky watched the Ozzie and Harriet TV show and was mesmerized by the smooth sounds of Ricky Nelson, who would play a song at the end of each show. He committed himself to becoming a guitar player. He […]

Real people are playing real music on real instruments in real time

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Tony Baltimore     Real people are playing real music on real instruments in real time By Ralph De Palma Tony Durante was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland.  His stage name, Tony Baltimore, came from his hometown.  He started playing drums when he was four. His parents were very tolerant and understanding.  Later, when he had […]

2022 Is Going To Be A Great Music Year


Howard Livingston and the MM24 Band By Ralph De Palma Howard was born and raised in Cumberland, Kentucky. Music was part of his growing up – they always had a guitar in the house. They moved to Marion, Indiana where Howard played in the high school band, graduating in 1969.   He moved to Chicago, studied engineering, […]

He Could Have Been A Household Name

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Cliff Sawyer   –   He would have been a household name By Ralph De Palma Cliff Sawyer was born and raised in Key West and has been singing since he was four years old.  While growing up in Bahama Village, Cliff remembers hearing street corner bands singing and playing outside his window. His father played the trombone […]

Commotion On the Ocean

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Cory Heydon          Cory Heydon grew up in Rudyard, Montana, population 183.  It’s approximately a 3-hour drive from Glacier National Park/International Peace Park. Cory feels, “If people could go and experience the wilderness there and hang for a while, we would all have fewer problems”. His mother played the piano for Our Savior’s Lutheran Church. The […]

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